Battle of Verdansk Gameplay Highlights

Battle of Verdansk Gameplay Highlights

Battle of Verdansk Gameplay Highlights

Posted by Gaming Digest

25 Aug, 2021


Contend Gaming’s very own Iskander Ben Amor joined the Battle of Verdansk this past weekend—and shared with us this edit! 

The Battle of Verdansk kicked off last week, briefly bringing the entire Warzone community together for Vanguard’s reveal. This limited-time experience was available until August 23, and there were plenty of rewards for participating and mastering this unique quads-based experience, the first-ever “player vs environment” mode for Warzone.



Beenox was the frontline developer who led the creation of the Battle of Verdansk. Completed the Battle of Verdansk? Congratulations! You were part of a once-in-a-lifetime event alongside the Call of Duty community!


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