Bend Studio, Creators of Days Gone, Working on New IP

Bend Studio, Creators of Days Gone, Working on New IP

Bend Studio, Creators of Days Gone, Working on New IP

Posted by Chanel Ferguson

2 Jun, 2021


The developer for Days Gone, Bend Studios, recently gave an update on what they’re currently working on. On their official Twitter page, the devs put out a statement about their plans. They first thanked their fans for Days Gone, the action-adventure survival horror title starring Deacon St. John. Days Gone received mixed review scores upon its release in 2019 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Bend Studio then ported the title to PC, where Steam users have given the game a more positive score all around. Despite the surge in positivity surrounding Days Gone, it doesn’t look like Bend Studio will be working on a sequel to the game. They instead announced that they’re working on a new IP.

Bend Studio - Twitter

The news comes as Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, gave an interview about what’s next for their umbrella of first-party developers. Hulst mentions Bend Studios and their exciting new IP. So it doesn’t appear as if Bend Studios has any plans to work on a continuation of Deacon’s story in Days Gone. While unfortunate, players can certainly look forward to this new IP, while enjoying Days Gone on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, or Steam on PC. Given that Sony won’t attend E3 this year, we’ll have to stay on the lookout for more information about this new IP Bend Studio has in the works.


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