Crysis Remastered Launches on Steam

Crysis Remastered Launches on Steam

Crysis Remastered Launches on Steam

Posted by Chanel Ferguson

17 Sep, 2021


Steam now has Crysis Remastered available for purchase. Set as a modern reimagining of the classic sandbox FPS, the new release attempts to optimize itself for current-day hardware and graphics expectations. The original set the standard for visuals, famously creating the joke about PCs as a benchmark–“Can it run Crysis?” On paper, a remaster would have been great for reintroducing the game to a brand new audience. 

Crysis Remastered originally released in September 2020 on the Epic Games Store, exclusive to that platform. Crysis fans weren’t pleased with the exclusivity, openly boycotting the decision. Now, a year later, the remaster arrives to Steam, but reception to Crysis Remastered hasn’t quite changed. The game has launched to mixed reviews thus far, with some lingering resentment toward the previous Epic Games Store exclusive. But more than that, the remaster’s baffling technical issues has left fans feeling resentful all over again.

On the bright side, developer and publisher Crytek did their best to celebrate the launch. Their Community Managers hosted a live streaming event showing off Crysis Remastered while also giving away Steam keys. Crysis Remastered is priced on Steam at $29.99 USD, though there is currently a sale on, cutting the price 20% off until September 24.

However, community reception to the game has been generally poor. Many user reviews cite the problems with the remaster, such as creating new bugs that hadn’t existed before, the game looking worse in some respects, and removing the original’s multiplayer. For anyone who already owns the original Crysis, and has enjoyed the game with mods, it might be tricky to justify purchasing this remastered version. But if you’re a diehard fan, and you want to see what all the fuss is about, check out the remaster. For anyone else, the original is still available on Steam if you prefer.


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