Everything You Need To Know About The PS5 Showcase

Everything You Need To Know About The PS5 Showcase

Everything You Need To Know About The PS5 Showcase

Posted by Lawrence Rennie

10 Sep, 2021


Once again, Sony was reluctant n to bring its power to the likes of E3 and Gamescom, saving itself instead for its very own showcase. And, boy, it was worth the wait.

Sony and PlayStation were on full display with the latest and greatest to come from the world’s most powerful console, and it was quite the showing indeed.

We’ve got the full recap of all you need to look forward to for 2022 and beyond below.  

Knights of the Old Republic Remake

Sony came firing out the gates with the announcement of a remake that is assured to get gaming fans off their feet. 

The beloved Star Wars title, Knights of the Old Republic returns to our screens with a complete “from the ground up” remake from a collaboration of Aspyr Media, Lucasfilm Games, and Sony Interactive Media. The beloved 2003 Xbox Original RPG is a favourite amongst both gaming and Star Wars fans, so news of its re-release will certainly be welcomed.

Once again you can get to aligning with the very worst of the Sith or become the most annoyingly lawful, pompous member of the jedi order hierarchy. The KOTOR remake is slated to be a PS5 exclusive at least at launch.

Project Eve

A debutant for PlayStation, Project Eve looks to be a mash of chaotic anime/Bayonetta style hack and slashing in the realms of demonic/Cthulhu-esque space mythos. Whatever Project Eve might very well be, it certainly caught the eye and deserves a close watch from now on. 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland

After its initial showing at E3 earlier this summer 2K showed off more of Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. The trailer is about what you’d expect from a Borderlands title: chaotic action, knowing dialogue and meta characterisation. Tiny Tina takes the franchise into the supposed realms of fantasy fare, but, as Tina herself exclaims, what are explosions and guns doing in a fantasy world? Who damn well cares!?

It’s fun. It’s nonsense. And it is yours next March 25


Another surprise to the list. Forspoken looks takes the witticisms of Marvel’s typical characterisations and transports this all knowing, snarky protagonist into an open-aired, far reaching fantasy world.

The dialogue and characterisation does very much seem to have that annoying Marvel knowing snark to it, but you can’t argue with the visuals and breadth on offer for Forspoken. Definitely another to keep an eye on. 

Rainbow Six Extraction

Well you didn’t think we could get away with a gaming showcase without a Tom Clancy title, did you?

Rainbow Six Extraction takes the tactical combat shooter into the plague realms with a Left 4 Dead shooter in the style of every war simulator of Tom Clancy. We saw a bit of R6 Extraction in summer but it was good to grab yet another glimpse at some of the zombie killing action on offer from the beginning of next year, January 2022.

Alan Wake Remastered

He’s a writer, and he’s back. Yes Alan Wake is returning in shiny new graphics for a remaster of the 2010 favourite. With Remedy Entertainment returning for full creative control of its psychological brainchild we can be assured that we are in safe hands here.

This’ll be the perfect title for your Halloween scares as it releases in only a few weeks on October 5th. It is up to you to rewrite your own story this fall. 


If anyone on earth hasn’t yet managed to buy or play Grand Theft Auto 5 then here is yet another chance. Skyrim er I mean GTA 5 is available once again now for a new generation of consoles as it comes to PlayStation 5 this coming March. 

Have fun, I guess.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Have you ever wanted a bit of Junji Ito in your gaming? Well now you’ll be able to with Ghostwire: Tokyo. This has been one in the crosshairs for a while ever since its 2020 reveal, and it’s looking like we’ll be “facing the unknown” in the first half of next year with a Spring 2022 slate. 

Tokyo is overrun by deadly supernatural forces, perpetrated by a sinister prophet, causing 99% of the city’s population to vanish in an instant. 

Grow and upgrade a powerful arsenal of paranormal abilities as you fight to save everything you care about and unravel the dark mystery behind the mass disappearance.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Starlord, Groot, Rocket Raccoon are coming to our consoles next month for a fun RPG romp in the style of the films. We first grabbed a glimpse of GoG in summer during its E3 unveiling, but now Sony have offered up another further look at the space adventure. 

From the looks of the gameplay on top of the RPG elements there may also be some space flight and some highly chaotic action. We can’t wait. 

Vampire: Blood Hunt

Little is known still of Chinese goliath Tencent and Sharkmobs foray into the fantasy role playing game realms, but Vampire: Blood Hunt showed off a bit of multiplayer action. It looked to be in similar territory as Assassin’s Creed’s old multiplayer as teams of vampires’ stalk through the streets vying for each other’s blood.

Hell, even ancient old Nosferatu is apparently getting in on the bloodletting action.

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition 

Not many would have had a Radiohead experience on their showcase bingo cards, but Kid A Mnesia Exhibition looks to be offering up some sort of digital experience for Radiohead’s album remaster with a decidedly Control-esque twist. 

That’s about all we’ve got there. It’s a mystery here. 

Uncharted Remaster

The four horses of hell start with every Naughty Dog game being remastered, and the announcement of the entire Uncharted series getting a full PS5 remaster rings that bell. If only Naughty Dog would make new games again…

With Tom Holland’s Uncharted film franchise kicking off later next year too there is little doubt that these two won’t tie nicely together. 

Marvel’s Wolverine

What up, bub? Yes. The fork fingered, pointy haired slasher is coming to consoles again as Insomniac Games, the company responsible for the popular Spiderman game, bring Wolverine to the big stage. 

The trailer showed Logan off in typical style with a bar full of slain henchmen and a bloodier wolverine just sitting, waiting, for his next drink. To say we’re excited for this one is an understatement!

Spiderman 2

What’s that? You’ve not had enough Marvel action from Insomniac? Well, go on then —one more. And this time it’s Spiderman’s favourite bad boy.

Yes, Spiderman 2 brings together Peter Parker and Miles Morales to fight against their greatest foe, Venom. Knock, knock. Let the devil in, indeed. Coming 2023. 

Gran Turismo 7

Again, it wouldn’t be a gaming showcase without a racing sim. And if it isn’t Forza then it can only be Gran Turismo 7! The visuals on this one loom stunning as always as GT takes you through the high octane in style.  Rev your engines, racing fans. This one is coming in quick in March 2022!

God of War: Ragnarök

Boy! There’s work to be done again as the sour faced, muscle bound God of War returns! What else could it be to close out the show, of course, than God of War: Ragnarök

 2018’s reboot to the series was a downright hit, and fans are looking to be in store for even more god killing action this time round as Kratos returns with his son, now in search of even greater answers. The Norse gods have noticed more of Kratos and Atreus now as the likes of Thor appear to be on their tale now. Turns out kicking the ever-living hell out of their friends and family, once again, isn’t going to work out all too well for ol’ Kratos. When will he learn…

With the final revelations of the last game Atreus has even more questions about his heritage now, and only one man, the other Norse “God of War” Tyr, can help. Their journey will bring in more slashing, more hacking, more ski dogs, more guttural shouts, and certainly, certainly, more “BOY”!

We’ll have to wait just a little longer for a release date, however


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