Far Cry 6 Shows Off First Gameplay in New Reveal

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Far Cry 6 Shows Off First Gameplay in New Reveal

Posted by Lawrence Rennie

28 May, 2021


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It’s been a long time coming for Far Cry fans as the release of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 has undergone several delays now, but finally we have our first glimpses of gameplay.

Following a similar path to Sony just the other day with the State of Play peak into Horizon Forbidden West, Ubisoft have opted for a pre-E3 showcase of one of their biggest flagships this week.

Far Cry 6 was first announced last summer during Ubisoft’s “Ubisoft Forward” event and has been a keenly watched title since. Now in its sixth mainline iteration, the Far Cry series typically boasts its villains as the faces of its games, opting always to push these fundamentally interesting, warped, and memorable antagonists over their more featureless, blank protagonists. July 2020’s announcement teased Far Cry’s biggest pull to date with the inclusion of Giancarlo Esposito – the acting legend behind Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring – as the face and voice for its new South American fascist dictator villain.

Since then, however, news and details have been sparse with Ubisoft admitting that the COVID-19 pandemic was hitting their development hard and would be slowing down their initial plans for release. What was intended for a February 2021 release became an “after March 2021” release – with hopes that May might be a target then – which then became a “by September 2021” release.

Now however with the reveal of some gameplay finally, Ubisoft also officially stated a new October 7, 2021 release. So, lock in, guerrillas. We’ve got a revolution to run this fall.

What’s New for Far Cry 6

The brief showcase on Friday gave us a quick glimpse into the action filled of Yara, our protagonist Dani Rojas, and your fight against fascist dictator Anton Castillo. Far Cry 6’s narrative director Navid Khavari filled us in on some of the background going into the revolution of this Caribbean island.

Yara, once a gleaming tourist trap, is now a dilapidated island vista. New leader Anton Castillo – played by Giancarlo Esposito – has taken it upon himself to restore Yara to a former glory. Unfortunately, as is so often the case with maniacal power-hungry fascist dictator types, Castillo’s methods are brutal and authoritarian in approach. His military kill, torture, and chase any who oppose the new Castillo order, and have the region locked in militaristic control.

Enter Dani Rojas and the guerrilla resistance hell bent on regime removal. They’re outnumbered and outgunned, but they’ll improvise their way through rebellion as you take the fight back to Castillo and his hordes.

As explained by Khavari, this guerrilla warfare aspect of their narrative has informed every part of how they approached the game and its play-action. With Far Cry 6 comes some new way to fights. Rather than wielding a mass armoury of AK’s, tactical shotguns, high powered revolvers, etc, you’re going to have to make do with some improvised tinkering and weapon crafting. Though not explicitly shown in the gameplay reveal, the manner with which Rojas is shown using cobbled together weaponry suggests a type of weapon craft/build system, perhaps similar to the likes of Fallout 4. You’ll need every resource you can scramble together to turn the tide of this fight, which at times means a literal scraping together of street rubbish and rubble to fire off at your enemies.

Similar to other Far Cry titles you’ll need a bit of cunning too – after all, you are a self-described one-person army. Stealth your way through areas, sneak through the jungle foliage of the Caribbean vista, blend in through city streets, bluff through checkpoints, or just go all out guns-a-blazing on the back of a horse – however you can or want to navigate through Yara, Far Cry 6 will offer you a path as best it can.

The companion system is back too with a colourful cast of friends to help in battle. Ever wondered how a t-shirt wearing crocodile holds up in a revolution? Wonder no longer. A wheeling Spanish sausage dog named Chorizo? He’s got his tricks too to fight the fascist regime.

And, of course, most importantly – yes, it is indeed confirmed. You can pet the nice crocodile and cute gun dog.

The newest and most exciting addition of all to Far Cry 6 is its backpack. Bear with me here.

Dani Rojas backpack looks to be equipped with all sorts of Jango/Boba Fett-looking-ass abilities with rocket propelled mortar cannons, a jet pack, and potentially much more. Your backpack is the new way to turn the fight way. We only caught a short look at it, but it certainly looks to be upping the chaos ante considerably which is excellent news for us all. Move over, Just Cause. There’s a new high-flying, gun-toting, explosive-loving island revolutionary in the mix.

October 7 can’t come quick enough.


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