Final Fantasy V and VI Soon to Be Delisted from Steam

Final Fantasy V and VI Soon to Be Delisted from Steam

Final Fantasy V and VI Soon to Be Delisted from Steam

Posted by Chanel Ferguson

29 Jun, 2021


Square-Enix quietly decided to pull Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI from Steam. These iOS ports released on the platform in 2015 to mostly positive reviews. Although some older fans had a number of gripes, namely with the different-looking pixel graphics and sound quality. A few other bugs and glitches also caused problems, such as save files getting corrupted. As with any game on PC, dedicated players put together some mods to fix these issues for the most part. But now, with the announced release of the Final Fantasy pixel remaster collection, Square-Enix no longer wants these 2015 versions of the game to be available. They left a note on both Steam pages that says:

“This game will no longer be available for purchase after July 27, 2021. Instead, please purchase the pixelated remaster version of “FINAL FANTASY VI,” coming soon.”

The Final Fantasy pixel remaster collection will include the first six games in the franchise, along with and VI. The collection is only coming to Steam and mobile, though, so console players are still stuck with the old PS1 Classic versions of the games. Given the vocal fan backlash against this decision, we may or may not see Square-Enix change course and bring the pixel remasters to consoles as well.

As for the older Steam versions, it’s unclear exactly why Square-Enix chose to delist these two titles while leaving the other ones alone. Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV currently on Steam are the 3D remakes, and they are staying on the platform. Only and VI are disappearing with no explanation. We can only guess why they decided to replace these two specific titles and not the others. So if you’d like to have these titles in your Steam collection, be sure to purchase them before July 27. After that, they’ll no longer be available. You’ll have to purchase the pixel remaster collection if you’d like to play these games on Steam.


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