Guerrilla Collective 3.0 Highlights

Guerrilla Collective 3.0 Highlights

Guerrilla Collective 3.0 Highlights

Posted by Lawrence Rennie

12 Jun, 2022


Filled to the brim with some of the hottest out of the indie dev collective, the Guerrilla Collective 3.0 showcase highlighted a huge number of indie genre games, from horror to platformers, RPGs, to base builders, and beyond. There was likely something to be found for everyone from some of the hot names in indie game development.

With over 40 games shown we’ve collected a hot shortlist of the indie games that caught the eye at Guerrilla Collective 3.0.


It might well be called Ugly, but this dark and twisted fairytale platformer looks anything but. Furnished with a beautiful handcrafted storybook art style, Ugly will take its players through a grim adventure where nothing is as it seems. 

You play as a tormented nobleman confronting the traumas of his past. With this in mind Ugly features a unique mirror mechanic to solve challenging puzzle rooms and defeat towering bosses as you strive to piece together the ugly truth. It is all about the process of discovering yourself and your traumas through the mirror, which never stops reminding you how ugly you are.

You can wishlist Ugly now for its release in 2023.

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle is a third-person story-driven survival horror game and a prequel to the critically acclaimed Daymare: 1998. You step into the shoes of special agent Dalila Reyes, a former government spy now in the service of a unit called H.A.D.E.S. (Hexacore Advanced Division for Extraction and Search). Your mission is  to enter the most advanced experimental research centre in the United States; however you’ll need to have your wits about you because in the darkness of the desolate, labyrinthine depths of the military research centre there is something creepy and lethal awaiting you!

Harkening back to the action titles of the 90s, the gameplay reminded me of older Resident Evil games with its slower, over the shoulder action and its hordes of shambling mutant zombies coming after you. There will also be puzzles and challenges along the way as well as lots of general sci-fi creepiness

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle will be available on all major platforms at some point this year.

Gravewood High

Gravewood High is getting its much asked for multiplayer update finally. Now you’ll be able to play with up to five friends in Gravewood High’s multiplayer mode, working with or against each other to try to survive the monstrous Mr. Hyde. HeroCraft have reworked Mr. Hyde’s AI for the new mode so that he tracks you down, sets traps, and searches for all of the players within seemingly safe corners of the school.

Initially released in early access in 2021, Gravewood High is a stealth horror game with roguelike elements and level destruction. Players have to solve puzzles, hide in lockers, and use every item at their disposal to escape a constantly shifting labyrinth and a crazed teacher. Owners of Gravewood High will be able to play multiplayer at no additional cost later this summer. As the fan-requested update has altered the initial roadmap, the HeroCraft team is still determined to update both the single-player campaign and the multiplayer mode with new content in the future as well. 


The never-fully-realised legacy of Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills still reigns as MADiSON comes with all the first-person psychological horror of yet another game inspired by PT

You play as Luca, a man who has mysteriously found himself locked in a space with  MADiSON, a demon that has forced him to continue a gory ritual started decades ago, making him commit abominable acts to complete a ceremony. With the help of an instant camera, connect the human world with the beyond, take pictures and develop them by yourself. Solve puzzles, explore your surroundings and most importantly, survive the onslaught of the ghastly visage of MADiSON.

MADiSON continues to the trend of psychological horrors like Visage and Layers of Fear where players are placed in tight hallways and thrust through a nightmarish experience of torture and trauma. 

You can find the fear on July 8.


The Fridge Is Red

First developed as a game jam entrant, The Fridge is Red  is a PS1 inspired horror anthology. You will Spiral down the psychological horror episodes, experiencing unsettling liminal spaces and surreal events inspired by the analogue horror of the PSX era.

Each episode of the anthology is supposed to be a different story exploring different ideas and themes, and each may experiment with different gameplay styles too. 

The Fridge is Red will be available on Steam later this year, and a demo is now open to try. 

The Last Worker

The Last Worker is a first-person narrative adventure centred around our struggle in an increasingly automated world. Combining a hand-crafted art style with uniquely immersive gameplay mechanics in an epic setting, The Last Worker delivers an emotional, thought-provoking, and comedic story packaged with rich characters performed by an all-star cast including the likes of Jason Isaacs, Zelda Williams and Tommie Earl Jenkins.

You play as the titular last worker of a factory where every other employee has been replaced by automatons. Since you’ve never made a mistake in your career you have retained your job. Now however it looks like you might finally decide to stop capitalism however you can!

The game feels reminiscent of the wit and snark of Portal, as you adventure through the facility completing challenges and puzzles, and the art style looks magnificently handcrafted thanks to the concepts and character designs by comics legend Mick McMahon of Judge Dreed and 2000AD fame. 

The Last Worker will be available later this year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC and Meta Quest 2.

SKALD: Against The Black Priory

SKALD: Against the Black Priory is a retro-style RPG set in a grim-dark fantasy world of tragic heroes, violent deaths and Lovecraftian horror. Explore an engaging branching story mixed with exploration and crunchy tactical, turn-based combat that will engage RPG fans, old and new.

Developer Scape -IT AS have dived right back into the old-school visuals and gameplay of early RPG’s, combining their love of 8-bit pixel art with modern mechanics for a truly charming experience.

No date is currently set for SKALD’s PC release, but if you want you can enjoy the prologue for free now by heading to Steam.

Nine Years of Shadows

Looking every bit like a love letter to Castlevania, Nine Years of Shadows is an action platformer where you harness elemental powers and face unyielding foes.

A fateful night of sorrow and ancient magic changed the life of a young child forever, and with it, everything else as mankind knew it. For 9 long years, the world has been submerged in the deepest of shadows, robbing every object and living creature of their colour, their joy, and most importantly, hope. Many brave souls have tried to venture inside the corrupting depths of Talos Castle, a long-abandoned orphanage from which the curse stemmed. All have failed, except for one. Armed with little other than her halberd and sheer nerve, Europa’s daunting quest is clear: enter the castle, find the source of darkness, and return colour to the lands before it is too late.

As Europa you’ll battle through the castle with a bevy of weapons and abilities at your disposal. In Nine Years you can switch between elements by equipping either the Helios, Gaia or Poseidon armour and experience a fresh take on how to explore a vast world and face unwavering foes in the battlefield.

Along this beautiful looking journey you can also enjoy an entrancing soundtrack composed by Michiru Yamane (Castlevania), Manami Matsumae (Mega Man), and Norihiko Hibino (Metal Gear Solid).

Nine Years of Shadows is expected late in the year. 

Batora: Lost Haven

Batora: Lost Haven combines the features of a hack & slash and a twin-stick shooter in a nonlinear interplanetary story-driven action RPG.

Avril’s home planet had been decimated and she had lost everything that mattered to her. Gifted with extraordinary and other-worldly powers, it’s now up to Avril to save her planet and restore it to its former glory. 

This twin stick shooter looks to have a unique system of your physical and mental attributes where both will need to be managed independently and can be used in a variety of ways in combat. Decision making is also key to the game as every action can have consequences and change the path that Avril ends up leading. 

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars treated us to one of the titan clashes in the game, as the story’s protagonist, Hilda, faced off against Eulalia the Harpy Queen. 

Inspired by both Greek & Roman mythology, Asterigos takes players deep into the heart of the cursed city of Aphes, its streets patrolled by swarms of monsters and powerful beasts. As the young warrior Hilda you must delve deep into this land of mythic monstrosities and try to banish the curse upon Aphes once and for all. 

Combat looked reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus as Hilda dodged and blocked attacks from the huge harpy queen, waiting for her moment to strike in a colossal battlefield. According to Acme GameStudio, the gameplay elements inspired by soulslike games alongside a lighter, dynamic combat system, create a fresh take on the modern action RPG genre, providing you with a harmonious difficulty and exploration balance.

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars will be available in Fall of this year. 

Spells and Secrets

Forget Hogwarts Legacy coming later in the year, Spells and Secrets has all your wizarding academy needs sorted.

In this rogue-like inspired action adventure, you free the wizard Academy of Greifenstein from magical creatures by using your spells in creative ways. Play in local co-op, customize your own student wizard, solve mysteries and find powerful artifacts in this modern magical world. 

You sling magical spells, control objects around the environment, transform, all in the name of defending your school. If that’s not enough then why not challenge your friends to a quick game of wizard football in between bouts of combat. Spells and Secrets also lets you create and customize your very own wizard so that you can be the Harry Potter character that you have always dreamed of. 

Spells and Secrets will be waving its wand onto PC and Switch later in the year.


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