Some Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Mods Steadily Releasing for PC

Some Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Mods Steadily Releasing for PC

Some Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Mods Steadily Releasing for PC

Posted by Chanel Ferguson

21 May, 2021


For players who enjoy the Mass Effect trilogy on PC, mods typically keep them around years after the series ended in 2012. Modders in the community have found ways to fix bugs, restore cut content, improve character models, and add tons of quality of life improvements. With the release of the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, many modders are looking to rework their creations for the trilogy remaster. 

Nexusmods, the popular mod hosting service, is the place to go for all things Mass Effect. Well-known creations on Nexusmods include the Expanded Galaxy Mod, which adds more role-playing options for Commander Shepard, as well as ME1, ME2, and ME3Recalibrated, all of which fix various bugs in each game. The ALOT Texture mods improve visuals across the board. Character-specific mods such as the ThaneMOD and Same-Gender Romance mods flesh out existing squad members and romances. However, if you’ve clicked on these links, you may notice that some of the mods no longer exist. 

Mass Effect ALOT Texture Mod

Mass Effect modders have confirmed the tricky situation with porting over existing mods to Legendary Edition. For simpler texture mods and the like, the process is easy enough. But everything else requires modders to remake their community creations from the ground-up. Some mods, such as the Expanded Galaxy Mod, took years to make. So creators are deciding if it’s worth putting in the effort to remake their mods. Modders such as rodeeno, creator of the Same-Gender Romance mods, have already confirmed they will be remaking their work for the Legendary Edition once the appropriate modding tools become available. Other modders, such as Giftfish, have outright removed their work from Nexusmods in an effort to prevent others from copying their work for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. 

This means we’ll see some existing mods from the original trilogy, just not all of them. It’s purely up to the creators to decide if they want to put in the work to remake their mods for the remaster. As many mod-enthusiasts for the original trilogy have witnessed, playing Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a strange experience without these community creations, many of which have been around for years. But with the possibility of long wait times, some Mass Effect players are sticking to what they know and love—the original trilogy with mods.


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