Nakatomi Plaza in Call of Duty: ’80s Action Heroes

Nakatomi Plaza in Call of Duty: ’80s Action Heroes

Nakatomi Plaza in Call of Duty: ’80s Action Heroes

Posted by Gaming Digest

4 Jun, 2021


Check out Contend Gaming’s very own Iskander Ben Amor blasting through Warzone’s ‘80s Action Heroes event. During this event in Warzone, you can assault the infamous Nakatomi Plaza and infiltrate Survival Camps all within Verdansk, earning loadout items and other rewards during your match while uncovering some epic secrets.

Check out Contend’s edit for what you can expect across these limited-time areas. Temporarily replacing the SKN Broadcast Tower and Construction Site near Downtown Verdansk’s Financial District, Nakatomi Plaza features a sprawling 10 interior levels and a roof to explore in addition to expansive exterior grounds.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop into this throwback thrill-ride and channel your inner John McClane!


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