Nintendo Indie World Showcase Streaming August 11

Nintendo Indie World Showcase Streaming August 11

Nintendo Indie World Showcase Streaming August 11

Posted by Chanel Ferguson

10 Aug, 2021


The next Nintendo Indie World stream is right around the corner. Nintendo of Europe announced on social media that the new Indie World showcase is on August 11 at 6:00pm CEST/12:00pm EST. The Indie World stream traditionally shows off new or upcoming indie games for Nintendo Switch. The presentation begins at 5:00pm CEST/11:00am EST, one hour before the main show officially starts. You can catch the broadcast on YouTube once it’s live, or view the archive after the stream is over.

Since launching in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has become a reliable platform for indie developers. The featured games category for indie games on the Nintendo eShop is massive. The online marketplace offers direct downloads for full games and free demos for select titles. Risk of Rain 2, Subnautica, Moving Out, Night in the Woods, Salt and Sanctuary, Terraria, Slay the Spire, Bastion, Dauntless, Superhot, and Ori and the Blind Forest are among the many offerings available. 

As for the Indie World showcase, there are a few possibilities for which games we’ll see. It’s unclear if the fabled Silksong from Team Cherry will show up. This highly-anticipated sequel to Hollow Knight has been confirmed by the developers, but we have yet to hear any new announcements about this one in quite some time. The chances of Silksong making an appearance at the Indie World showcase are low, but Nintendo could surprise us in the end. We may also see ports of existing indie games heading to Nintendo Switch, such as Disco Elysium, and the previously-delayed Fall Guys. Like with previous Indie World showcases, we can hope to see a mix of brand new titles alongside existing games from other platforms. Whatever’s in store, these announcements might just hold us over until the next Nintendo Direct in the future.


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