PlayStation 5 September Update Adds New UX Features, 3D Audio for TV, and More

PlayStation 5 September Update Adds New UX Features, 3D Audio for TV, and More

PlayStation 5 September Update Adds New UX Features, 3D Audio for TV, and More

Posted by Chanel Ferguson

14 Sep, 2021


PlayStation 5 is getting a brand new update for September 2021. Following a system update beta, Sony took careful feedback from players who participated in the test. Now they’re rolling out the update based on the support they received during the beta. All PlayStation 5 users globally will receive the update, which comes packed with brand new features for the system, Remote Play, and the PS App. 

UX Enhancements

  • UX Enhancements give players the chance to customize the PS5’s Control Center. Choose which controls to show, or rearrange them for better access. Additionally, you can now easily message friends from the Game Base in the Control Center. Looking at the Game Base in full screen shows how many of your friends are online and what their statuses are. You can also accept or decline friend requests from here.
  • Pressing the PS and Triangle buttons at once lets you pause or resume the Screen Reader. Meanwhile, pressing the PS button and R1 will make the Screen Reader repeat what it reads.
  • Installed versions of PS4 and PS5 games will now distinguish themselves from each other in your Game Library, under the Installed tab. No more mixing up your PS4 games with your PS5 ones.

PlayStation Now, Leader “Accolades,” and Trophy Tracker

  • PlayStation Now subscribers can customize their resolution while playing. Select between 720p and 1080p as each game allows. You may also utilize the new streaming connection test to scope out any issues you have while streaming PlayStation Now games.

  • The Accolades feature allows you to recognize a player for their contributions after an online match. You can now award a player for their leadership during the match, in addition to how helpful they were, whether or not they were a good sport, or if they went out of their way to be welcoming toward you and other players.
  • The new Trophy Tracker allows you to track your progress on up to five trophies, quickly accessible through the Control Center. At a glance, you’ll be able to tell how close you are to earning these five trophies of your choice.
  • Your PS5 will automatically capture video clips of your personal best gameplay. When completing time challenges or setting personal best scores, your system will record and save a clip of your gameplay.

3D Audio Support for TVs

  • For televisions with compatible built-in speakers, the PS5 can now take advantage of the 3D audio function. The PS5 controller naturally has 3D audio functionality with headphones. Now you can experience 3D audio from your television, after enabling the support in the PS5’s Sound menu.

M.2 SSD Storage

  • If you’re in need of a storage expansion, PS5 is now compatible with M.2 solid-state drives. You can install these SSDs in either version of the PS5 console–the digital one or the disk one. Make sure to read the requirements carefully before choosing and installing your M.2 SSD. Sony has listed all the necessary dimensions, performance requirements, and more for the M.2 SSDs, including cooling structures. Be sure to check out the linked page first before committing to your purchase.

Remote Play, PS App, and Share Screen

  • Remote Play on the PS App will now work with mobile data in case you don’t have access to Wi-Fi. This means you can access Remote Play indefinitely with unlimited wireless data on iOS and Android. You’ll need at least 5 Mbps to use this feature, although 15 Mbps is recommended.
  • On Thursday, September 23, the PS App is getting an additional update. This update will allow players to view their friends’ Share Screen gameplay through the app, without needing to connect through their PS5 system. You can set this up through a voice chat party on your mobile device while your friend is on their PS5.

PlayStation 4 Updates

  • Finally, the PlayStation 4 will also see a handful of updates. You’ll be able to view your PS5 trophies while on your PS4 profile. This also works for other players on PS4, breaching the gap between PS4 and PS5 trophy lists and profiles. Last but not least, while managing Parties, you may now disband a party altogether without manually selecting each player to remove them. You can simply do it all at once from now on.

This massive update for PlayStation 5 will go live tomorrow on Wednesday, September 15. 


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