Steam Deck Releasing As Portable Handheld Steam Library

Steam Deck Releasing As Portable Handheld Steam Library

Steam Deck Releasing As Portable Handheld Steam Library

Posted by Chanel Ferguson

16 Jul, 2021


Following the rumors of Steam on console, Valve just unveiled the Steam Deck, a portable handheld device. Steam Deck acts more like a powerful gaming PC on the go and less like a traditional handheld, such as the Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita. You can log into your Steam library from the handheld, accessing all your games without needing to be at your PC. There are three different models available at varying prices.

The standard 64GB model starts at $399 USD, bundled with a carrying case. The 256GB model comes with faster storage and an NVMe SSD, along with a carrying case and an exclusive Steam Community profile bundle, priced at $529 USD. Finally, the 512GB model has the fastest storage, also with an NVMe SSD, premium anti-glare etched case glass, an exclusive carrying case, an exclusive keyboard theme, as well as the exclusive Steam Community bundle, all priced at $649 USD.

Valve is opening up registrations for the Steam Deck. Starting on Friday, July 17 at 10am PDT, (almost) anyone interested in the handheld can make their reservation. Orders are set to begin shipping out in December 2021. However, customers will only be able to make their final purchase once inventory is available, in the order they placed their registrations. Valve doesn’t specify when this first come, first serve purchase will happen. Be sure to head over to the official Steam Deck website to make your registration while you can.

There are a number of rules and limitations on who exactly can pre-order and when. Check out the full FAQ below:

Steam Deck Reservation FAQ


Why is there a reservation fee?

The main reason for reservations is to ensure an orderly and fair ordering process for customers when Steam Deck inventory becomes available. The additional fee gives us a clearer signal of intent to purchase, which gives us better data to balance supply chain, inventory, and regional distribution leading up to launch.

Why is my account not able to place a reservation until Sunday?

We are aware of potential unauthorized resellers, and as an additional safeguard to ensure a fair ordering process, we’ve added a requirement that the reserver has made a purchase on Steam prior to June 2021 for the first 48 hours of reservation availability.

How does the reservation system work?

When you submit a reservation, you will be put in a queue. Once inventory is available, you will be emailed in the order the reservations were made.

When will I be able to order?

We are aiming to start sending order invitations by December 2021. We will make every effort to convert all reservations to orders but we are not able to guarantee availability.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, you can cancel your reservation on this page. If you cancel within 30 days, you will be refunded to whatever payment method you used. If you cancel after 30 days, your reservation fee will be refunded to your Steam Wallet.

What regions can I reserve Steam Deck from?

Customers in the United States, Canada, European Union, and the United Kingdom can reserve a Steam Deck. Information about expanded regional availability coming soon.

How many Steam Decks can I reserve?

One Steam Deck can be reserved and ordered per customer.

What happens to my reservation fee if I do not order my Steam Deck in time?

Your reservation fee will be refunded in full. If your refund occurs within 30 days of your initial reservation, you will be refunded to whatever payment method you used. If your refund occurs after 30 days of your initial reservation, you will be refunded to your Steam Wallet.

Are there any restrictions on users that can reserve the Steam Deck?

Your Steam account must be in a valid country. Additionally for the first 48 hours of reservation availability your account must be in good standing, and have made a purchase on Steam prior to June 2021.

Do I need a Steam account to use Steam Deck?

The default Steam Deck experience requires a Steam account (it’s free!). Games are purchased and downloaded using the Steam Store. That said, Steam Deck is a PC so you can install third party software and operating systems.

What if I’m not able to reserve right now and would like to purchase a Steam Deck in the future?

You may add Steam Deck to your wishlist and we will notify you when it is available for general purchase.

Is the reservation queue regional?

Yes, the reservation queue and expected order availability times are specific to each region.

Can I change which Steam Deck I purchase once I’m able to order?

Once you’re able to order, you can only purchase the Steam Deck model that you reserved.

When will I be charged in full for Steam Deck?

Once your reserved Steam Deck is available and you complete your purchase, you will be charged.

Does the reservation fee count towards my Steam Deck purchase price?



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