The Epic Games Store Gave Away 750 Million Free Games In 2020

The Epic Games Store Gave Away 750 Million Free Games In 2020

The Epic Games Store Gave Away 750 Million Free Games In 2020

Posted by Muhammad Jarir Kanji

29 Jan, 2021


Epic Games was the subject of much controversy when it first announced its decision to launch its own games store for PCs, particularly with regard to several exclusivity contracts it had lined up.

But the company quickly gained the favour of gamers with a string of freebies and in its year-in-review for 2020, the company revealed that the free games it offered have been claimed nearly 750 million times over the last year! That’s 103 free games over the course of the year, which would have cost nearly $2,400 if you’d bought them at full retail price.

That’s not all, though. The Epic Games Store now has 160 million PC customers, with over 56 million of them being active in December.

The store was also the source of a mountain of revenue for the company, raking in $700 million over the year. Of that sum, $256 million were spent on third-party games, while first-party titles (i.e., Fortnite) brought in a whopping $435 million, showing once again that even though the free-to-play battle royale is not as popular as it used to be, it’s still a terrific moneymaker for Epic Games.

Epic Games also promised a slate of improvements for 2021. For one, the company plans to make it much easier for game developers to publish their games on the platform. Features like Wishlists and Achievements are also going to get improvements, and the company is looking at an overhaul of social features in the second half of the year.


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