The Sixth Hammer Previews Moo Lander

The Sixth Hammer Previews Moo Lander

The Sixth Hammer Previews Moo Lander

Posted by Lawrence Rennie

14 Jun, 2021


You ever get the need to wage a space flight war against cows? You know the feeling. Damn mooing milk-milk makers strutting about thinking they own the place as their methane farts contribute more greenhouse gas damage to our world, helping to turn it into the burning hellscape it currently is…Damn cows.

Well now, thankfully, with The Sixth Hammer and their upcoming 2D platformer metroidvania, Moo Lander, you can! The small team of eight from Bulgaria debuted their first demo at E3 this week (now available on Steam too for all), so we got a quick preview of what is to come in 2022.

Save the Milk. Save the World.

Moo Lander’s story begins after the remnants of “The Great War” between the Landers and the Annunaki – two ancient civilisations that drove each other to near extinction in a power struggle over the universes greatest resource. What is that liquid gold resource that acted as a pillar to both these mighty empires and caused a generational conflict the likes of which not seen before, you might ask?

Milk. Of course.

Now milk stands as a scarcity after the cows of the galaxy were primarily wiped out in the conflict. The Landers, however, believe there to be a legend foretold source of infinite milk somewhere in the deep midst of the galaxy. Enter, you: one of the mightiest warriors of the Landers now tasked with finding this source of infinite milk to save your race.

Equipped with a milk-powered UFO and your trusty AI sidekick, Hamilton, you alone must traverse through the most dangerous environments where everything wants you dead, and where cows reign supreme.

Classic Metroidvania Style Gameplay

Just as its story is perfectly ridiculous and fun, so too is Moo Lander’s gameplay. You fly through the environment in your Lander always avoiding harmful objects, dodging projectiles, solving neat little puzzles, and milk-shooting and milk-slashing your way through hordes of enemies.

It’s simple enough in concept for a classic metroidvania with a bit of fun milk-related nonsense thrown in. If you’ve enjoyed the likes of Ori in the last few years then you’re probably going get plenty of enjoyment out of this one too. The art style is reminiscent of Ori’s beautifully hand drawn environments as well, making this one colourful and artful milk fighting simulator.

Your Lander is equipped with variety of abilities from a milk shield to a milk sword, a milk gun, and plenty more no doubt to come through the rest of the game in full release. The twin stick control for movement and free aiming 360 degrees around your ship feels great and does wonders for some of the more chaotic sequences with lots of enemies on every side of you.

The pool of enemies shown off too was novel enough to suggest a fun mix across the whole game. With your typical flying and stationary turret enemy types placed alongside the more unique re-growing snake-like vines and floating beasts that want only to lasso and stick onto you, Moo Lander is looking like a strong pick-up.

The final boss of the demo sees you go toe-toe with the dreaded cow itself – with a tease for what more cow action might be to come from the story upon release. As it turns out, the cows don’t like when you knockout and abduct their brethren for milk energy, so the fight might just be heading its way back toward you with MOOvement (sorry…).

Moo Lander also promises some fun-filled 4 player co-op action to battle it out with your friends as both the Landers and the cows for ultimate milk supremacy (or maybe you’ll put aside your BEEFS (sorry…) for once and work together).

The demo is open for download now on Steam, and full release is set currently for Spring 2022 on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.


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