Xbox Game Pass gets 7 new games this month, including Final Fantasy 12

Xbox Game Pass gets 7 new games this month, including Final Fantasy 12

Xbox Game Pass gets 7 new games this month, including Final Fantasy 12

Posted by Muhammad Jarir Kanji

3 Feb, 2021


Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass continues to be the best value in all of gaming. And the Xbox maker is adding seven new titles to its already massive all-you-can-play buffet this month.

We start with Ghost of a Tale, available on PCs from February 4. Set in a medieval world, the indie game features a novel take on the action RPG genre as you play the role of a mouse navigating a world full of other animals, without those pesky humans to bother you.

On the same day, Android, Xbox, and PC players can also get their game on with Project Winter, an 8-person survival game where you brave the elements by either huddling together with the others or stabbing them in the back and stealing all their gear. The final title coming gamers’ way on February 4 is The Falconeer, an air combat game where you ride a giant falcon. Think Ace Combat, but with birds. It will also be available on all three platforms.

February 11 will bring with it a quadruple of games. MachineGames’ excellent follow-up to Wolfenstein II, Wolfenstein: Youngblood will finally make its way to Android players — the game is already available on PC and consoles. Another heavy-hitter on the list is Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, a remaster of the 12th title in the iconic saga.

Jurassic World: Evolution, available on Android and consoles come February 11, is an interesting new take on the park-building genre with dinosaurs throw into the mix. Instead of new roller-coasters, you’ll be designing a herd of dinosaurs. The last addition to Game Pass in early February will be Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones, also available on Android and consoles on the same day.

Sea of Thieves players on Game Pass will get their hands on some free DLC this month, while the latest The Elder Scrolls Online and The Falconeer DLC will be 10% off for subscribers.

Microsoft is also adding touch controls for 13 new games this month, including the multiple The Walking Dead titles, so you can easily try them out on your Android devices.

Lastly, while new games are being added to the platform, some will also be removed later this month. De Blob, Ninja Gaiden II, and World of Horror will be leaving Game Pass on February 15, while Shadow of the Damned will meet the same fate a day later.


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