Video Game Editorials

Hail to the Chief: Celebrating 20 Years of Halo
Hail to the Chief: Celebrating 20 Years of...

In just a few months’ time, the greatest video game franchise of all time will be celebrating its twentieth birthday.

22 Apr, 2021


How The Zelda Franchise Has Remained Strong
How The Zelda Franchise Has Remained...

How did Nintendo craft a franchise that has grown in popularity, quality and respect with each release? CJ Wilson’s got the answer.

09 Apr, 2021


Anthem 2.0 Is Dead, But Its Passing Shall Not Be in Vain
Anthem 20 Is Dead, But Its Passing Shall Not Be...

The live-service shooter had been in limbo for well over a year after its disastrous launch in 2019 while EA continued to ponder its fate.

05 Apr, 2021


Rereleases, Remasters, Remakes and Reboots
Rereleases, Remasters, Remakes and...

In the gaming world, mounting a comeback is more complicated than it sounds.

19 Mar, 2021


The Legacies of Cyberpunk 2077, No Man’s Sky and Borderlands
When Building Hype Don’t Open Pandora’s...

If an increasing tendency to overhype a game is so dangerous, why do developers still do it? Gaming Digest’s CJ Wilson compares the pre-launch hype of Cyberpunk 2077 and No Man’s Sky with Borderlands.

10 Mar, 2021


Gaming Goes...

Gaming’s suffered through some pretty horrific screen adaptations but it seems like its finally getting its due on the big screen.

04 Mar, 2021


Good Games For A Good Cause
Good Games for a Good...

Games have transcended entertainment to encompass causes such as activism and healthcare.

26 Feb, 2021


Gaming’s Most Notorious Vaporware Titles
Gaming’s Most Notorious Vaporware Titles

The games industry is utterly littered with abandoned titles.

24 Feb, 2021


Hitman: 21 Years in the Shadows

Hitman is, at its core, a stealth action series with an emphasis on planning and creativity.

19 Feb, 2021


The Cerebral Thrills of Stealth Games

The stealth genre gives players the chance to either rise up as an apex predator, or fall prey to the enemies and elements around them This type...

19 Feb, 2021