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5 Lesser-Known But Still Amazing Fighting Games

We've assembled a list of lesser-known fighters worth exploring for anyone looking for something new.

15 Nov, 2021


6 Games To Stave off the Winter Chill
6 Games To Stave Off The Winter Chill

We’ve compiled a list of fun, summery games chosen to transport you away from the cold to warmer climes!

12 Nov, 2021


Search & Destroy with the Rytec AMR in Call of Duty Warzone
Search & Destroy with the Rytec AMR in Call...

Search and destroy highlights courtesy of @contendgamin’s @iskandbenamor! He’s rocking the Rytec AMR — a semi-automatic Anti-Material Rifle...

18 Jun, 2021


An Introduction to Roguelikes
An Introduction to...

What are roguelikes, and where did they come from? Our very own CJ Wilson’s got the answer.

17 Jun, 2021


Accessibility and Complexity in Fighting Games
Accessibility and Complexity in Fighting...

As the genre grows, games will need to become intuitive enough for anyone to pick up quickly. Is that a good thing?

07 Jun, 2021


13 Games To Rock Your Summer
13 Games To Rock Your...

With the blockbusters set to release this summer cycle, it's time to get your game-playing vacation groove on!

01 Jun, 2021


The Top 5 Survival-Horror Games to Play After Resident Evil: Village
The Top 5 Survival-Horror Games to Play After...

Like a fine wine, these survival horror games seem to have aged the best. Check out these five titles you need to play.

31 May, 2021


Forza Horizon 4: Cruising in the 2001 Audi RS4 Avant
Cruising in Forza Horizon 4’s Audi RS4 Avant

The 2001 Audi RS 4 Avant is an AWD wagon by Audi featured in the Duracell Car Pack for Forza Horizon 2—and all subsequent titles except for Forza Horizon 3.

13 May, 2021


An Intro to Metroidvanias
An Intro to...

Growing in popularity over the last two decades, the metroidvania genre has been having quite a moment of late.

26 Apr, 2021


Games to Play with Friends (at a Distance)
Games to Play with Friends (at a Distance)

Even miles apart, these games allow you to play, compete, or even just hang out—virtually.

14 Apr, 2021