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On QUBE’s Tenth, The Block Puzzler Builds New...

As solid as it ever was a decade on.

16 Sep, 2022


Day of the Devs Tenth Anniversary
Day Of The Devs Tenth Anniversary Showcase

A quick rundown of the best of Day of the Devs Tenth Anniversary!

15 Jun, 2022


Roundguard Is A Solid Refresh Of An Old Classic
Roundguard Is A Solid Refresh Of An Old Classic

What might at first sound like a simple reskin of an old classic, Roundguard is a fresh take on an otherwise tired puzzle concept.

05 Jul, 2021


NieR Reincarnation Release Set for July

NieR Reincarnation gets an official release date for the West on mobile platforms - Android and iOS - set for this July.

29 Jun, 2021


Square-Enix Opens Pre-Registration for NieR...

Right off the heels of NieR Replicant, the "version upgrade" of the 2010 cult classic NieR, Creative Director Yoko Taro is back with a new entry for...

11 May, 2021


How MTG Arena Avoided the Pay-To-Win Trap
How MTG Arena Avoided the Pay-To-Win...

MTG Arena focuses on rewarding players for actually playing the game, leveling the playing field, thereby undercutting the pay-to-win trend.

04 May, 2021


Hitman 3 Takes the Number One Spot

Official sales numbers are as of yet unknown but according to IOI themselves Hitman 3 is “the biggest digital launch in franchise history”.

26 Jan, 2021


LG’s New TVs To Come With Google Stadia And...

Though game streaming promises the ability to play what you want, when you want, and where you want, that vision has a long way to go before being fully realized.

12 Jan, 2021


Third Places in the Gaming Community

Gaming is a notoriously solitary pastime.

22 Dec, 2020


A Beginner’s Introduction to Fighting Games

Fighting games, for all their draw, are notoriously difficult to get into—many want to give them a go but just can’t seem to manage it.

16 Dec, 2020