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The Protagonist: Ex-1 Reviewed
The Protagonist Ex-1 Reviewed

More than a little rough around the edges, though with some excellent ideas, The Protagonist: Ex-1 has the ability to grow into a special game indeed—but it is not quite there yet.

19 Jul, 2021


Dark Deity is Ambitious and Impressive
Dark Deity is Ambitious and Impressive

For newbie developers Sword and Axe, Dark Deity is a love letter to all that fans of the SRPG genre hold dear.

13 Jul, 2021


Roundguard Is A Solid Refresh Of An Old Classic
Roundguard Is A Solid Refresh Of An Old Classic

What might at first sound like a simple reskin of an old classic, Roundguard is a fresh take on an otherwise tired puzzle concept.

05 Jul, 2021


How Hades Riffed On Myth To Become The Year’s Best Game
How Hades Riffed On Myth To Become The Year’s...

Check out our very own Lawrence’s Rennie’s take on this one-af-a-kind rogue-lite

23 Jun, 2021


Shin Megami Tensei III Remaster Reviewed
Shin Megami Tensei III Remaster...

The remaster retains everything fans know and love and fixes a few annoyances and inconveniences with gameplay.

16 Jun, 2021


Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review
Mass Effect Legendary Edition...

BioWare brings the Mass Effect trilogy to modern audiences in an updated remaster—with improved visuals and gameplay changes but not much else

11 Jun, 2021


Second Extinction Offers Plenty of Chaotic Fun
Second Extinction Offers Plenty of Chaotic...

There's plenty of chaotic fun to be had with Second Extinction’s work-in-progress dino-blasting package.

26 May, 2021


Resident Evil Village Reviewed
Resident Evil Village...

After 8 main titles and many more side spin-offs and remakes, Resident Evil Village shows off the many learned successes of its storied series Now...

11 May, 2021


Review of NieR Replicant™ ver.1.22474487139
Review of NieR Replicant™...

Neir Replicant is a masterclass in game development and shows extreme care and passion for the genre.

07 May, 2021


Guilty Gear Strive Beta Impressions
Guilty Gear Strive Beta...

Guilty Gear Strive’s combat is smooth and satisfying, somehow being energetic and exciting without ever feeling distracting or noisy.

05 May, 2021